French Cheese at Chris’Cheesemongers

Moving to a new country is an exciting experience, but if there is one thing I miss the most:  it is French food, and especially CHEESE! In France, I used to buy so many different cheese and eat a piece of each everyday. I do find Canadian cheese in the grocery stores here, but it is not the same. Grocery stores, here, mostly get cheddar, ricotta, laughing cow, brie and fake mozzarella.

I decided to go to St Lawrence market, one of the biggest farmers market in Toronto to find some delicious and smelly French cheese. I found my little paradise at Chris’ Cheesemongers.


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Chris’ Cheesemongers is situated at the back of St Lawrence market. You cannot miss it because it is the only cheese store I have seen there. They have countless types of cheese from all countries: Canadian cheese, French cheese, Italian cheese, British cheese, etc. In addition to cheese, they also carry different types of patés and mousse, ideal on a fresh baguette. I have also seen packaged cold cuts (mostly prosciutto and serano ham) and occasionally foie gras, as well as jams and a fresh selection of loose olives.


I truly fell in love with that place as I was able to find all the cheese I was looking for! I got some reblochon, munster, brie cheese and comté. And I wish I could have got more!

Now the thing to know is that since it is imported, French cheese can be quite expensive, and this, in every cheese store I have been to. It is already amazing that I get to find French cheese in Canada so I am not complaining too much. Time to time I get to treat myself with one of my favorite cheese, instead of having it everyday.


Now, in term of portions, if you are from France, you might get a little bit shock as well. See, in France, portions of cheese are usually generous since we eat it everyday and much cheaper. Here, you have to remember that the price for the same portion you are used to get, will be much higher. For half a reblochon, you usually have to spend around 30$. So just be careful when buying, always ask for prices first so you don’t end up with empty pockets.

So far, I have been able to find any cheese I was looking for at Chris’ Cheesemongers and their patés and mousse are delicious. I also found an organic fig jam that went very well with some foie gras.

Definitely a place I recommend either you are a French in desperate need of cheese or simply a gourmet who enjoys fine food.


Find out more about Chris’ Cheesemongers cheese selection on their website.

Let me know in the comments what is/are your favorite French cheese!


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