Terre Bleu: Lavender Farm

A lavender farm near Toronto? Yes you heard me! I went there during the summer and I am telling you all about my experience!

First of all let me tell you how surprised I was to hear about a lavender farm in Toronto. I couldn’t believe it. I know that you probably don’t understand why I was so excited but what you need to know is that lavender is quite popular in France and the south of France is actually very famous for it. If you go to the south of France you can visit many lavender farms where they make their own essential oil and perfumes. It is also very common to find little bags filled with lavender in any souvenir shops that will make any of your drawers or closets smell amazing.

Terre Bleu is situated in Milton which is about 1h30 to 2h drive from Toronto and is easy to locate as you will see signs the moment you enter in Milton. Milton is a beautiful area filled with forests and farms and is a great place to escape from the city and take a breathe of fresh air.

lavender farm terre bleu toronto

















According their website, it is recommended to come visit the lavender farm between July and early September which is when the flowers bloom. I came in August so the flowers were in bloom and it was a great experience. The entrance for Terre bleu is 10$ and this gives you access to the entire farm as well as a guided tour. The guided tour was very interesting as they tell you the different kind of lavender they have and information about the harvest and the difficulty of growing lavender in the cold climate of Canada. They also explain how they make their own essential oil which requires a HUGE amount of flowers only for a small quantity of that precious oil. Plus being a small farm and with the climate difficulties you can imagine that their essential oil is precious and rare. Terre bleu also make its own lavender honey and will show you the bee hives and the different techniques used. Actually it is impossible not to notice the bees all around you while walking in the lavender field. If you are scared of bees that might not be the best place for you! Even though they were totally inoffensive.

The lavender farm is divided in several parts. The first part is where the main building and the shop are, and where you will find the first lavender field. The second part is a very nice forest that separate the two lavender fields and the third part is the second lavender field with a strange door in the middle. Maybe the path to another dimension?

lavender farm toronto terre bleu














I really loved this visit and it was a really great day to spend surrounded by nature and with the enchanting smell of lavender around! The highlight of the visit was definitively the lavender ice cream and the lavender lemonade that were delicious and refreshing on this warm day. The only little thing that I liked less were the high prices of the products in the store, which made sense after the visit as they explained the difficulty of of cultivation and the weather conditions. I still bought some edible lavender which is great for cookies, cheesecake, creams, etc. and that I have never been able to find anywhere else. I f you like lavender they have so many products that will make you happy! Obviously they have essential oil, but also lavender cookies and macarons, scented bags, lavender honey, lavender gouda, lavender maple syrup, and different soaps and creams.

I truly recommend this visit to anyone! It is a good opportunity to go outside Toronto, enjoy nature and feel relaxed thanks to the smell of lavender.

For more information, please visit Terre bleu’s website.

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A Bientot!


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