Smoked Salmon Spread

Hi everybody!

I am coming back today with another salmon recipe! Today’s recipe is perfect for appetizers and let’s be honest pretty much every moment of the day actually. You know my love for salmon and especially smoked salmon so I wanted to share with you a spread that my mom made a couple times for us and that has always been one of my favorites.

smoked salmon spread

















In France it is very common to eat paté or rillette on fresh bread as an appetizer, and most of the time it is made out of porc, duck, goose, rabbit or game meat. I have eaten a couple times fish paté and rillette that I really liked but they are not as popular. This smoked salmon spread recipe is very easy to do and is made almost the same way that you would make a paté, which means that it is a mixture of meat (or fish in this case), fat and spices. I find it really delicious and love to have it with any meal or as a snack.

Like I said in my previous post, smoked salmon is very popular in France and is eaten very often, we have so many recipes with smoked salmon, such as smoked salmon pasta, recipe that I will share with you very soon! The best part with the salmon spread is that it takes no times to eat and you don’t necessarily have to wait to eat it.

Let’s start cooking!


  • 300g smoked salmon
  • 4 tbsp butter
  • 1 shallot
  • 1 tbsp chives
  • pepper


1- First you have to prepare all your ingredients. Cut your smoked salmon into pieces so it will be easier to mix. Then, dice the shallot very finely. My shallot was pretty big so I used only half of it, but if yours is smaller use the full shallot. Then cut your chives finely. Again, it is up to you how much you want to add, if you add more chives, it will give a stronger flavor to your spread.

2- In a food processor, add your smoked salmon and diced shallot and start mixing. Once it starts looking like a paste, add your chives, pepper and butter. No salt is needed in this recipe as the smoked salmon is already quite salty. Continue mixing until the butter is completely incorporated. Your spread should be as smooth as possible.

3- Place it in a container, spread on fresh or toasted bread and enjoy!

It is really great for a party or as an appetizer. This is really a delicious way to start a meal!

smoked salmon spread recipe










I hope you will enjoy this recipe!

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