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Autumn Tart With Butternut, Chanterelles & Comté

Hello everybody! I don’t know about you but here in Toronto it’s still so hot and even though it’s almost October it still feels like summer. With fall coming I was so excited to start working on some new recipes and even though the weather is not following the season I am sharing with you… Continue reading Autumn Tart With Butternut, Chanterelles & Comté

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Japanese Onigiri : 3 Recipes

Hello everybody! Today I’m sharing with you a very popular Japanese recipe that you may have seen countless times in mangas and anime: onigiri. This rice ball is easy to make, filling and make a great quick lunch or snack. There are many ways to make onigiris and I decided to share 3 different recipes… Continue reading Japanese Onigiri : 3 Recipes

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Vegan Raviolis With Creamy Mushroom Sauce

Hello everybody! Fall is on its way and I can’t wait for this beautiful season so I started cooking a lot of Fall dishes already. Today I want to share with you this vegan raviolis recipe that will make the perfect healthy comfort food this season. They are filling and so flavorful I promise! I… Continue reading Vegan Raviolis With Creamy Mushroom Sauce

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Russian Style Amuse-Bouche

Hello everybody! I’m coming back today with another easy but fancy amuse-bouche that I’m sure all your guests will love! This time I decided to make a Russian-style amuse-bouche composed of a warm and crispy rösti, a soft and fresh crab meat and topped with a vodka infused whipped cream and some lumpfish caviar and… Continue reading Russian Style Amuse-Bouche