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Zimtsterne: Alsatian Cinnamon Stars

Hello everybody! This is the last bredele recipe of this Christmas cookies series! These cinnamon stars are another traditional Alsatian bredele that I have every year. What makes them so special is that they are chewy and have a strong cinnamon flavor. They are really easy to make and require very little ingredients which is… Continue reading Zimtsterne: Alsatian Cinnamon Stars

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Leckerli: Swiss Gingerbread

Hello everybody, The Christmas cookies series is continuing with a delicious Swiss gingerbread! This is another bredele that you will find in Alsace during Christmas and another favorite of mine. Leckerli is originally a gingerbread from B├óle in Switzerland that traveled all the way to Alsace where it also became a traditional Christmas cookie.  … Continue reading Leckerli: Swiss Gingerbread

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Schwowebredele: Alsatian Christmas Cookies

Hello everybody! Today is the day for another delicious bredele recipe! This one is very popular as well and very easy to make. This shortbread cookie is not your usual as it contains ground almonds, lemon zest and cinnamon. The cinnamon really adds an amazing flavor to this cookie!            … Continue reading Schwowebredele: Alsatian Christmas Cookies

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Checkerboard Christmas Cookies

Hello everybody, Last year I shared with you my favorite Christmas bredele (cookie in Alsatian) that we make in Alsace: Vanilla Kipferl, and today I’m sharing with you another one which is a must have during that period. I will be sharing other bredele recipes this week as I’m finally done baking for Christmas so… Continue reading Checkerboard Christmas Cookies

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Chive Blossoms Stir Fry

Hello everybody! It’s cold outside and we all want comfort food but here is a quick and simple healthy recipe to fill up on your greens! This Chinese inspired dish is composed of chive blossoms also called garlic chives (see picture below), shrimps and shiitake mushrooms. You will find chive blossoms at any Asian grocery… Continue reading Chive Blossoms Stir Fry