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Pink Pralines Brioche

Pink Pralines Brioche Hello everybody! This week’s recipe is another French delicacy and a must try especially if you like pastries. I shared with you my recipe of brioche before and this time I wanted to make a variation of it with pink pralines. Pink pralines are a specialty of Lyon in South-Eastern France and… Continue reading Pink Pralines Brioche

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Chocolate Liegeois Mousse

Hello everybody! It’s time for another delicious treat that will delight every chocolate lover! I shared with you before the recipe of the chocolate mousse and we are going to use it again in this version. Chocolat liégeois is the French version of the chocolat viennois which consist of a hot chocolate topped with whipped… Continue reading Chocolate Liegeois Mousse

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Schenkele: The Alsatian Beignets

Hello everybody! It’s that time of the year again! Mardi Gras is next Tuesday and like every year I made beignets! Last year I showed you how to make one of the most popular beignets in France called bugnes and today I bring you to Alsace in the North-East of France. In Alsace, they make… Continue reading Schenkele: The Alsatian Beignets