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Crispy & Creamy Cheese Naans

Hello everybody! Maybe you have noticed, where you live or when you travel, that exotic foods such as Chinese or Indian foods are often different than the real thing and they also accommodate the taste and culture of the country by customizing dishes. In France, Chinese buffet often serve frog legs cooked in a Chinese… Continue reading Crispy & Creamy Cheese Naans

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Zucchinis à la provençale

Hello everybody! I know it is starting to get colder and we are all missing summer so I came up with a sunny recipe from the South of France! Today’s recipe is a recipe that I learnt from my mother who learnt it from my grandmother and that I always loved. Even if you don’t like… Continue reading Zucchinis à la provençale

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Fougasse – The Bread From The South

Hello everybody! Today we are going to make “Fougasse”, this is a type of bread that is traditionally made in the South of France, but you can find variations of it in all the regions. In my region, since our specialty is mostly cheese and smoked sausages, we find fougasse made with cheese, sausage and… Continue reading Fougasse – The Bread From The South