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Zimtsterne: Alsatian Cinnamon Stars

Hello everybody! This is the last bredele recipe of this Christmas cookies series! These cinnamon stars are another traditional Alsatian bredele that I have every year. What makes them so special is that they are chewy and have a strong cinnamon flavor. They are really easy to make and require very little ingredients which is… Continue reading Zimtsterne: Alsatian Cinnamon Stars

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Checkerboard Christmas Cookies

Hello everybody, Last year I shared with you my favorite Christmas bredele (cookie in Alsatian) that we make in Alsace: Vanilla Kipferl, and today I’m sharing with you another one which is a must have during that period. I will be sharing other bredele recipes this week as I’m finally done baking for Christmas so… Continue reading Checkerboard Christmas Cookies

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Mannele: A St Nicholas tradition

Hello everybody! Halloween is now over and Christmas is getting closer! Today I want to share with you a tradition that we have in my region before Christmas: St Nicholas. Maybe you have heard about this tradition or the story of St Nicholas before, but for those who don’t let me tell you. Before we… Continue reading Mannele: A St Nicholas tradition