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Lavender Ice Cream With Caramelized Apricots

Hello everybody! Summer is almost coming to its end and yet it’s hot in Toronto! It’s still time to refresh yourself with ice cream and I have a great recipe for you! I love using herbs and flowers when making desserts because I find that it gives a unique flavor and it makes the dessert… Continue reading Lavender Ice Cream With Caramelized Apricots

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Chocolate Liegeois Mousse

Hello everybody! It’s time for another delicious treat that will delight every chocolate lover! I shared with you before the recipe of the chocolate mousse and we are going to use it again in this version. Chocolat liégeois is the French version of the chocolat viennois which consist of a hot chocolate topped with whipped… Continue reading Chocolate Liegeois Mousse

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Beignets: French Mardi Gras Doughnuts

Hello everybody! Tomorrow is Mardi Gras or also Carnival! I don’t know if it celebrated in Canada, but in France it is a very fun time. We all dress up, attend a parade and most importantly eat beignets. I use to celebrate it mostly as a kid at school and with my parents. I always… Continue reading Beignets: French Mardi Gras Doughnuts

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Floating Island: A light dessert

Hello everybody! I hope you are ready for an amazing new recipe! I don’t know about you but I often have sweet cravings and always feel guilty whenever I get a piece of cake or cookies, because it is simply to heavy and rich in butter. Today’s recipe is perfect for when you want something… Continue reading Floating Island: A light dessert