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Chocolate Liegeois Mousse

Hello everybody! It’s time for another delicious treat that will delight every chocolate lover! I shared with you before the recipe of the chocolate mousse and we are going to use it again in this version. Chocolat liégeois is the French version of the chocolat viennois which consist of a hot chocolate topped with whipped… Continue reading Chocolate Liegeois Mousse

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Veggie Korokke

Hello everybody! Today I’m sharing with you one of my favorite Japanese street foods named korokke. Korokke is the Japanese for the French word “croquette” which is a mix of mashed potato, ground beef and onions breaded with panko and deep fried. It’s the perfect comfort food in winter and this is a popular food… Continue reading Veggie Korokke

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Zucchinis à la provençale

Hello everybody! I know it is starting to get colder and we are all missing summer so I came up with a sunny recipe from the South of France! Today’s recipe is a recipe that I learnt from my mother who learnt it from my grandmother and that I always loved. Even if you don’t like… Continue reading Zucchinis à la provençale

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Compote de pomme or French Applesauce

Compote de pomme is one of my favorite treats. In France, we usually eat it for dessert (most important part of the meal!) for lunch or dinner. As you may not know, dessert is an institution in France! We always finish our meal with something sweet, not necessarily a piece of cake, but a yogurt… Continue reading Compote de pomme or French Applesauce